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Hugs Cafe

Where’s Welborn is here!  Welborn team members are out and about in the community highlighting local businesses and events in DFW. Check   out what Jonathan had to say about his experience at Hugs Cafe… 

“It is always a joy to support customers who support our community,” Install Manager,

Jonathan Hansen, shared after visiting Hugs Cafe. He learned about Hugs through a
customer he met while servicing her garage needs. This customer now serves with Hugs Cafe
in her retired life.
Hansen loved the food they served but appreciated their mission even more. Their mission
statement reads, Hugs Cafe Inc is a non-profit social enterprise in McKinney, Texas, dedicated
to providing meaningful training and competitively-paid employment for adults with
intellectual and developmental disabilities. It is our passion to offer a place of hope,
understanding, grace, and success to each individual so they may be recognized for their
abilities and talents in the community.
Hugs Cafe opened its doors in 2015 and has been growing ever since. They have four
programs, two of them being Hugs Cafe and Hugs Greenhouse. Hugs Home Cooking is a
cooking class that meets once a month led by a classically trained chef. Their newest
program, Hugs Training Academy, is an educational training center for adults with disabilities
that want to work in the culinary and hospitality industries.
More information and applications for the Hugs Training Academy can be found on their
The pecan pie at Hugs Cafe resonated with Hansen because it reminded him of his
grandma’s cooking. “My top three favorite parts of this experience were the service, the
people, and the mission,” Hansen said. “And the chicken salad is a new favorite.”
Hansen recommends Hugs Cafe because you will be met with big smiles, big hearts, and
good food.
Visit: 224 E Virginia St, McKinney, TX 75069
Follow: @hugscafe

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