What Not to Store in Your Garage

garage rack

Garages are a catch-all for household items, seasonal activities, and everything in between.
But, several things should be kept from a garage, as they can be dangerous or create hazards.
These include:                                               

● Combustible materials that could ignite and cause fires should not be kept in a garage. These materials include gasoline, oil, and paint. Store these materials in a shed or outdoor storage away from pets and children.

● Pool chemicals should not be stored in a garage because they cause rusting on metals and garage door parts.● Hazardous chemicals that could be toxic if inhaled or ingested, such as pesticides
and cleaning supplies. These would best be stored in a shed or outdoor storage.

● Food; Apart from a kitchen pantry or refrigerator, food can attract unwanted spoilage
and pests.

● A garage is no place to store your valuables. Jewelry, cash, and important documents
should be placed in a safe away from potential theft and damage.

● The fluctuating temperatures and frequent humidity within a garage could cause
mold and mildew to overtake your clothing and bedding items. These would be best
stored in a closet or climate-controlled area.

Knowing which items belong in your garage will help protect your items and keep your
garage clutter-free and more functional. With a well-organized garage, you can find your
belongings much easier, and your time in your garage will be more enjoyable!
If you are interested in how garage storage can transform your garage and reclaim one of the
largest spaces in your home, give us a call or schedule a service with us online.
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