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Rain, Ice, Sleet or Snow – Welborn Garage Doors is there when you need us!
Rain, Ice, Sleet or Snow – Welborn Garage Doors is there when you need us!

When it comes to garage flooring installation, you want the best option out there. Epoxy garage floor coating offers a variety of benefits that solve some of the most frustrating garage issues. For example, a professionally installed garage floor coating covers up unsightly (and sometimes dangerous) cracks in the floor without the risk of cracking or peeling.

Epoxy coating is waterproof and prevents floor stains, even against tough materials like oil and antifreeze; simply wipe up any mess with no robust cleaning. Additionally, doing away with a concrete floor means less garage dust and more use out of your space.

Benefits of Epoxy Garage Flooring Installation

An epoxy garage flooring installation is the single most transformative change you can make to your garage, both aesthetically and functionally. Here’s the top reasons both home and business owners decide to go with epoxy floor coatings:

  1. Garage Flooring Epoxy Holds Up to Years of Heavy Use

We’re tough on our garage floors. That’s why you want to pick a garage flooring installation that’s durable and long-lasting. Our epoxy is created with the ability to form a strong bond to the cement below, meaning it won’t peel and it can hold up against chemicals, sunlight, and the weight of your car and lawnmower.

  1. Epoxy Provides Aesthetic Value

Garage floors that are covered in cracks and stains turn a potentially gorgeous space into an eyesore.

An epoxy floor coating allows you to control the aesthetic of your home and customize your garage to your exact specifications. Keep things simple with neutral colors or spice up your look with colorful pieces for a granite-looking finish.

This additional aesthetic appeal alongside the durability of your floor covering will in turn raise the value of your home, whether you’re looking to sell immediately or years down the road.

  1. Garage Floor Coating Means Less Dust and More Use out of Your Garage

A lot of the dust in the garage comes from the concrete floor itself. It’s difficult to get completely clean no matter how much you sweep, and it creates a generally uncomfortable space – not to mention that the dust gets into expensive equipment like lawn mowers and power tools, potentially harming the motors.

However, with garage flooring epoxy, you not only make your garage a more inviting space, but you are also getting rid of the source of dust. For many customers, this means a more usable space. Without the dust, creating a home gym or workshop that’s safe for hours of breathing or time spent on the ground is possible.

  1. Epoxy Flooring Is Versatile in All Areas

Epoxy flooring is stylish, slip-resistant, and incredibly easy to clean. Why keep it restricted to one area? Anywhere there is unfinished flooring or concrete cracks are great candidates for floor coating. Some of our favorite installation projects include utility rooms, basements, and patios.

Epoxy Flooring for Commercial Spaces

Garage flooring epoxy doesn’t have to stay in the garage. It’s the perfect solution for commercial spaces that require easy cleaning: showrooms, laboratories, auto shops, vet clinics, industrial spaces, etc.

For SMALL BUSINESS: Epoxy flooring is an especially great choice for business owners looking to give new life to their space without the price tag or downtime of an entirely new floor. Entice new customers and make your space exciting and inviting without hurting your business’ bank account.

Don’t DIY – Call a Professional

While many sites offer advice on how to DIY garage flooring epoxy, the at-home kits unfortunately tend to leave homeowners with peeling floors in just a year or two. Getting epoxy to cure to concrete properly involves a special shot blast or diamond grinding process to ensure the pores of the concrete are in prime condition. Simple sandpapering is far less effective and is incredibly time consuming.

Additionally, at-home kits include far more water in their solutions than professional-grade epoxy. A professional can determine the moisture of your space and flooring and decide the perfect concentration for you. This type of thicker epoxy can only be purchased by licensed professionals and can only be mixed by power tools made to perform that function. For homeowners, getting access to these tools can be incredibly difficult.

That’s why Welborn Garage Doors offers a cost-effective option. We want our neighbors in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to have beautiful garage spaces they can enjoy for decades to come…without hurting their wallets.

Think an epoxy garage flooring installation might be the right choice for you? Give us a call or schedule a service with us online.

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The most common reason for a spring to break is simply wear and tear over time. As the door cycles up and down, the coils lose their strength and cause the spring to break. Most two car garages are opened and closed 6 to 8 times each day for a staggering 3,000 times a year! Quality springs with professional installation can support 10,000 cycles before they become ineffective and require replacement. Each cycle is the garage door opening or the garage door closing. It’s quite common to run through the utility of a spring in just a few years.

Rust is another common cause of spring fatigue. Stored chemicals and outside moisture can lead to this type of spring deterioration. Rust shortens a spring’s lifespan by corroding the metal and increasing the friction between the coils when winding. Stave off rust with regular preventative maintenance and lubrication. Check out our annual lube and safety inspection.

All springs eventually break. There’s no way out of it. But our maintenance and safety checks will prolong the life of your garage door springs and let you know when they are primed to break. Don’t wait for the springs to break at an inconvenient or dangerous moment; call us today to set up an annual safety and maintenance check.

It is recommended for all 2-car garage doors to have two springs. But when builders try to save money on the costs of installing a garage door, the spring is usually the first expense cut. Corner-cutting contractors will install an extra-long 1-spring system instead which significantly shortens the life of the spring.

The same can be said when you only replace one of your two springs. If one spring breaks, the other is not far behind. Replacing both springs at the time of repair will save you from doubling up on labor costs when the second springs breaks a little while later.

Replacing garage door springs is extremely dangerous due to the stored energy in a wound torsion spring or in an extended extension spring. Many garage door repairs require dismantling garage door parts that are part of the spring system.

The tension in a spring is powerful enough to throw you off of a ladder, break the window on your car, and land you in the Emergency Room. Many accidents, injuries and deaths occur each year to amateur, home-repairers who don’t have the proper tools or knowledge to safely disengage springs from the surrounding system. Call us today and let our certified technician’s fix your garage door problem.

The springs on regularly used residential garage doors fail every three to four years. Save money by selecting a warranty for your garage door. We offer multiple warranty lengths to match your needs.